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SRINGE is the leading ship within the unisverse - with the most powerful and attractive members and a spaceship so incredibly strong it is physically and mathematically impossible to destroy it. SRINGE has earned it's place as royalty within the universe, with multiple villains and allies with a force to recken with. This website discloses the intricate and complicated details of SRINGE, the members within it and how SRINGE came to be. This website is truly the heart and soul for all fans of SRINGE and commoners in the universe who merely dream of being as astonishing as SRINGE.




SRINGE was created in March 2015 and quickly became the strongest group within the entire universe. Within a year, SRINGE has won a total of 15 awards by Peesus himself.


  1. Won the Hottest Group of People Ever Award 2016
  2. Nominated for Koolest Queen Astronaut 2013
  3. Won Best Queen Astronaut (Nadya Beckham) 2015
  4. Won Best Lead Astronaut (Eliza Beckham-Rijpma) 2014
  5. Nominated for Best Space Dishes (Rohan Curry) 2015
  6. Won Worst Servant Award (Daniel Tabe) 2015
  7. Won Most Special Drone Award (Pelvin Mussy)
  8. Won Best Spaceship Manager Award (Toya Rijpma) 2014
  9. Won Best Musical Duo (Daniel Tabe & Rohan Curry) 2016

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